Mousetrap Boat

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Research( 40 fast facts):
  1. Maintain a consistent speed throughout the race
  2. Balance the weight of the boat
  3. Sand and smoothen axles for a better rotation
  4. A longer lever will maximaizes distance
  5. Spoons may not be the best paddle because they may scoop water through their rotation
  6. Durable and strong boats can resist the pull of the lever or mousetrap snap
  7. Be careful while sanding and shaping the styrofoam cut-outs
  8. Pointing the front point(s) of the boat will create less drag and resistance and will increase the aerodynamics and speed
  9. Boats must steer themselves with the mousetrap powering it
  10. A pontoon design will provide more stablility
  11. Boats must start themselves without a running start
  12. The less resistance your boat has, the faster it will go the distance
  13. The power source of the boat comes from a torison spring action
  14. Lubricating the axles with graphite will allow the axles to spin more freely
  15. Using a coat hanger as a lever will add more distance and rotations to the axles
  16. An uneven balanced boat may cause it to drift to one side or sink
  17. Using counterweights can help balance the weight distribution of the boat
  18. Fishing line is better then string because it`s waterproof and it won`t snap so easily
  19. For more precise cutting, use a band saw instead of the styrofoam cutter
  20. Elimate the most possible friction and resistance for a better result
  21. A good balance of durability, strength and a proper weight will deliver a better result
  22. The boat may go forward or backwards depending on which way you turned the axles
  23. The paddles can`t be to deep or just touching the water because it will not get your boat far and won`t have alot of speed
  24. You will have more of an acceleration if the mousetrap is far away from the axles but it will have less speed and power
  25. Having the mousetrap closer to the axles will give your boat more power and speed but the acceleration rate will be alot slower
  26. Light materials will let your boat be more out of the water
  27. Using too much wood will increase the weight resulting in a slower race result
  28. The more paddles you have on your boat, will result in the paddles to travel through the water with less water resistance
  29. A narrow hull will travel through the water more effiently then a wide hull
  30. A stiffer lever will not bend resulting in more power to the axles
  31. A smooth hull will have less drag in the water
  32. You will have more torque if the string is fully wounded
  33. Lubricants can give your axles a better rotation speed
  34. Spreading out the hulls will give your boat more balance
  35. The more tension you put on the string when winding up will result in more power
  36. When winding the string up, you shouldn`t wrap the string over itself because it will decrease the chance of the string getting tangled
  37. Using light materials such as bosel wood and styrofoam will help your boat maintain a low weight
  38. Remove all straight edged corners by sanding or smoothening to decrease friction and water resistance and add more aerodynamics
  39. Using more then one hull will give your boat more stability
  40. The boat overall must be well attached to with stand the pressure from the spring during the launch process